Thank You

Dear Mr. McGuire,
Thank you for the photo. My dad, Hal Lambert, brought me to one of your shows in about 1984, and it sparked a lifelong interest in rocks. Thank you for such a precious memory.
Eileen Hall

Two Thumbs Up!!

Stanley Shimko Jr3

Stanley Shimko Jr. gives two thumbs up after seeing the UV program by UV BOB.  Five programs were given by UV BOB  at The Mineralogical Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s 13th Annual Gem and Mineral Show held at Oblates of St. Joseph in Pittston, PA.

Comments From Live Show Attendees

I attended the UV Bob show and was amazed at how cool it was. There were glow-in-the-dark rocks that changed colors in different light. My brothers and cousin got to volunteer for a demonstration and will not stop talking about the experience they had. We were all impressed at how many  different samples and minerals UV Bob had on display. He also talked a lot about the usefulness of fluorescence in our daily lives. He had lots of good stories and antidotes. I learned a lot and my bothers and cousin want to try some of the experiments he suggested. If you get a chance to see a show by UV Bob, I would suggest you attend. It is a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

-Ayden Kennedy


I saw one of UV Bob’s programs and was amazed by all the different rocks I saw on display. When he first showed us all the rocks they looked normal other than some odd shapes. Most of them were brown, grey, and earthy colored, but when he turned on the long and short waved UV lights the rocks were orange, red, green, yellow, purple, and basically a rainbow of colors. One of my favorites was the glowing sphere he showed us, I even bought one of my own online after the show. I was surprised to see that the rocks were from all over the U.S. mostly from different states. The show was very entertaining for young children and adults as well. His show gave children the opportunity to interact with the program and provided educational information for adults also. The show was even better because you could tell UV Bob was passionate about the topic and he wasn’t just spitting out facts. UV Bob also had many cool pieces of artwork that included the same type of phosphorescent materials which made the show even more interesting. If I had the chance I would definitely  like to see UV Bob’s presentation again.

-Jennifer Brown


Fluorescent minerals seem to fascinate anyone who sees them.  There is a reason why such a large crowd gathers in Franklin, New Jersey every April to observe the “Fluorescent Wall”.  I met Bob McGuire (UV-Bob) for the first time last year at the Wayne County Gem and Mineral Show in upstate, New York.  As a professional geologist and mineral collector I could appreciate the variety of minerals in his displays and Bob’s unique and clear description of the awesome property of mineral fluorescence.  But watching the children in the audience of his show react to his well planned and enthusiastically presented program was perhaps even more satisfying.  Kids, and their parents, are observed learning a little mineralogy  and having fun doing it.  Bob involves the children in the audience in his fascinating demonstrations and rewards them for their participation.  If you attend a show where UV Bob is presenting, or if you need a fun family style educational program for your school or club, I highly recommend Bob’s travelling mineral and light show.

-Fred Haynes, March 11, 2015